Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else

Judy Garland


Coaching is a powerful and resourceful way of helping you achieve purposeful and sustainable results in both your work and home life.

One of the benefits of coaching is that it provides space and time for you to think, reflect on areas in which you may feel ‘stuck’ and make positive decisions to move things forwards. Powerful and searching questions help you dig deep to find your own answers to what it is you really want and plan a way to achieve this successfully.

To realise the benefits of coaching you need to commit to the process and take responsibility for your decisions and actions. Coaching enables you to explore your beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and feelings about your challenges and come up with resourceful and clear solutions. As a result you will find the coaching sessions exciting, challenging, enlightening, and occasionally surprising.

See the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt talking about the value of business coaching from his perspective:

Coaching Packages:
A minimum of three sessions and a recommended six sessions or more, support you to really focus and aim for transformational changes and success.

All packages include an initial session of one and half hours and then one hour sessions. For prices contact us now:

Please call Marie on +44(0)7763316763 or +(0)1202 620120 or email

Free offer – initial ‘taster’ coaching session

If you have not experienced coaching before, discover the power of coaching for yourself. SUCCESSMITH offers you a free, confidential, 60-minute initial coaching session, for you to experience the power of coaching first hand. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions and see if coaching is an approach that can support you working towards an even more successful you. It will focus on establishing the coaching relationship and provide a basis to work together on an issue on which you’d like to gain some clarity or find answers to whilst being coached through that process.

If you are curious to know more and experience coaching, please contact me and to arrange your free initial ‘taster’ session.

Please call Marie on +44(0)7763316763 or +(0)1202 620120 or email

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