Our Testimonials


Some examples of SUCCESSMITH’s varied customer needs that require bespoke solutions include, requests for robust team building activities, finding practical solutions to specific work based problems, supporting management and leadership development, the growing of a coaching culture, dealing effectively with change in innovative and expanding organisations and the design and delivery of focussed conference sessions for large teams.

The investment of a day with our team added tangible value. It was a productive and fun way to achieve lots of goals we wanted to achieve. These ranged from understanding ourselves better as individuals and the value we add to the team as a whole, through to problem solving a current business issue resulting in an action plan which we immediately implemented with very positive results from all we impacted upon. The output of the day was well worth the investment of time and money.

Graeme Trevett, UK & Export Customer Services Manager, LUSH Handmade Cosmetics, November 2012

Marie Smith is a volunteer with Julia’s House and has been highly effective in supporting the charity’s programme of ensuring all line managers are equipped with the necessary tools to be successful in their roles. Marie has designed and delivered Coaching Skills for Managers workshops to approximately 25 managers and received excellent feedback from the delegates. Most importantly from a business perspective, this has resulted in managers identifying how to improve performance and relationships within their teams.

Diane de Souza, HR Director, Julia’s House Children’s Hospice, January 2013

Marie worked with me and my team to identify and provide the right training and development solutions in order to deliver our business commitments. She worked hard to understand my business and the needs of my team and her suggestions were always effective and creative. Marie is professional , has a lovely personal style and a great sense of humour and we all thoroughly enjoyed working with her

Leesa Harwood, Head of Engagement, September 2012

Marie is a very experienced learning and development professional. Highly customer oriented, with an attention to detail and a strong focus on planning and measurement, Marie can always be relied on to design and deliver interventions to a consistent and high standard.

Ali Peck, Director of People, RNLI, September 2012

Success Coaching

SUCCESSMITH’s powerful and incisive coaching addresses challenges that many of us face either at work and/or in our home lives. The types of challenges supported by SUCCESSMITH coaching are very diverse. Examples of these challenges include the support of individuals in a new job or recent promotion, personal development for existing executives or aspiring managers and leaders, making decisions on important or significant life choices, getting motivated to get started or to complete an important but daunting task or project, dealing with challenging colleagues or friends, planning future career steps for ‘rising stars’ or those whose jobs have come to an end, or supporting small business owners to deal with the myriad of issues they face.

I was uncertain about the decision I had to make between two jobs. It was a BIG decision for me and I was struggling to come to a satisfactory conclusion by the deadline date. My coaching session with Marie was a short but powerful one. It really made me dig deep and access parts of me that helped me make a brave and scary decision but I know deep-down it was the right thing. Thanks Marie, for helping me gain that clarity.

Eva Boesze, January 2013

I had never been coached before and so did not know what to expect. In fact I had no expectations except that it could do no harm.

The first thing which struck me about Marie, was that - although clearly educated and articulate - there was no question that ours was an equal partnership and this made for a feeling of ease on my part. There was also an honesty about Marie which, in turn, gave me permission to just "go for it" and reciprocate with complete frankness. In a world where we are not always as candid as we would like, I found this very liberating and conducive to personal growth. Indeed, as the session progressed, I found myself accessing common sense solutions coupled with feelings of goodness and compassion for myself. Marie seemed to understand me completely and - somehow - managed to illicit answers from me which I didn't think I had; and I felt a respect for myself never felt before. I had a particularly profound "light bulb" moment which has since resulted in my behaving differently in certain situations and this has brought about a rise in my self-esteem. But what interested me the most is that all the answers came from within me and not from Marie. Although this surprised me at first, I now realise that this was due not only to Marie's passion and skill, but also to her honesty, integrity, sincerity and her very humanness. My session with her was an education of sorts, and I would recommend that anyone who is thinking of seeing a coach gives Marie a go. I am glad I did.

Marie Williams, January 2013

After only two sessions with Marie I made a breakthrough to the kind of work that I have been seeking for decades.

Steve Smith, March 2013

One of the most beneficial things I gained from Marie’s coaching was the exercises and resources she suggested to help me move towards my goals. I now have an increased range of resources, tools and techniques that I can use over and over again. They will be invaluable in future roles, even though my specific objectives will change over time. Marie has shown me how to be self-sustaining through the next phase of my career development.

Debbie Davis , Senior Finance Manager, 2012

I was part way through a research degree (MPhil) and having taken on a new job was finding it difficult to motivate myself to write up my thesis. I felt like there were not enough hours in the day to work, have a social life and study.

My coaching sessions with Marie made me realise that this was something that I did want to finish and really motivated me to devise a realistic plan on how to achieve my goal. The coaching experience was invaluable to me, as I have now completed my thesis within my stated timeframe.

Jo Jones, Senior Manager, December 2012

Myers Briggs (MBTI)

MBTI is a flexible and effective tool which SUCCESSMITH skilfully uses to help individuals and teams raise understanding and self-awareness to reduce conflict, improve relationships, team working and communication.

When I did the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) with Marie, I’d already done several workshops some years earlier, and thought I was pretty knowledgeable. I filled out the MBTI questionnaire, fairly confident that I knew ‘my type’. The methodology that Marie used was revealing, covering everything thoroughly, one step at a time. It was quite an extraordinary experience, covering a great deal of ground in a short time, and leaving me with a surprising amount of ‘food for thought’ to reflect on and build on understanding myself and others even better.

Margaret Cheetham, February 2013

I already knew my MBTI profile and found it interesting but without really understanding how I could apply the knowledge. Working with Marie led to a deeper understanding; for example finding out what energises me and what might have the opposite effect. She also explained some ‘anomalies’ for instance where I had adopted a particular style of working which my MBTI indicated was not my natural approach. I could then see why certain activities were harder for me and how other approaches might make it easier. I am very grateful for the session which was extremely useful and enabled me to make some beneficial changes to make my working practices easier.

Jan Lewis, Coach, January 2013